Sacred is all around you!

Sacred is all around you!

What is sacred? What qualifies a thing or experience to be deemed as sacred to us? Is there some special quality or an effect on our emotions and life that makes one thing sacred and not the other? Where do we find sacred? Is sacred reserved to a temple or a church, or do we find it in a yoga class or during meditation?

The mind is a prism that likes to filter and categorize things and place them in containers and assign labels. Throughout our life we use those labels like a road map helping us to navigate through life, to seek that which we think we want and steer away from unwanted things. From early on get programmed with ideas what should be sacred, and what is not, what is divine, and that is profane. What would happen if we took that filter of the mind and all the labels off and were left without ability to judge? 

We would experience everything as just BEING, existing in perfect harmony with everything else. Nothing is good nor bad, nothing is sacred or profane. Everything just simply IS. It is in this state of no mind when we dissolve the ego and can access the true meaning of sacred. The judge disappears and we come out of the box of the separation and move into harmony with the all of creation. We realize that EVERYTHING IS SACRED because our essence is sacred. Our essence is divine because the Source, Spirit or God or whatever you call this higher power that brought you here is pure and unconditional love! We are existing inside of it, we are it! In this state of being how can anything NOT be sacred? 

Here is my answer! Sacred is a state of being! It's not a thing you put on your altar, it's not a place you go to pray. Sacred is all around us if we can only see it! All those special sacred places, rituals and people, we think are sacred only seem so to us because we give them that meaning for whatever reason. They act as mirrors and help us find the sacred within ourselves but really no external objects are needed. No gurus, no temples or sacred art are necessary when we discover our true, divine nature. Then everything becomes sacred and the sacredness is reflected in the world all around us. 

Yet before we can dwell in this state of no mind permanently it helps to have the  special accessories, tools, places and rituals and art to remind us of our true nature, and point us back to the sacred! Namaste ~

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