The offerings presented on this website were created by Skylove Solei. Skylove is an artist, sound healer, yogi and a world traveler currently sharing his time between Maui and Bali. His art has been featured over the years at many festivals and gatherings around the US, Europe, Bali and Hawaii, always aiming to inspire more balance, peace and connection with Source! Skylove draws his artistic inspiration from variety of spiritual traditions from around the world without adhering to any particular school, dogma or belief.

Skylove's other passion is sound healing and using sound to release blockages and activate new possibilities in the body and mind. During his sessions and public performances he plays crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo and mantras to bring people into a state of deep relaxation and rest!

 Please enjoy a short sample of Skylove's sound with crystal bowls, didgeridoo and the Gayatri Mantra!