All designs presented on this website are created by Skylove Solei. Skylove is an artist, sound healer, yogi and a world traveler. His art has been featured at many transformational festivals around the world like Bhakti Fest in California and Bali Spirit Fest in Bali and many others, inspiring people and adding more color and harmony to the environment. The message of balance, peace and beauty inherent in Skylove's art evoke a positive emotional response and influence the mind to reach towards a new a higher thought and new possibility. He draws his artistic inspiration from variety of spiritual traditions but without adhering to any particular school, dogma or belief. 

Skylove is also a renown sound healer using sound therapy to help release stress, and clear the energy and blockages in the body and mind. During his sessions and public performances he plays Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowls, Didgeridoo and also sings mantras. The vibration of the sound can bring one into a state of greater peace and bliss, opening doors for healing and harmony on every level!

 Please take a moment to listen to this short video sample of Skylove's sound healing with crystal bowls, didgeridoo and the Gayatri Mantra. 


Learn about Skylove's healing journey here 


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