Making of the Tree

Lately I've been enjoying creating art that is more realistic looking without the need to sprinkle in any extra abstract details or spiritual symbols like in my previous works. The world we live in is as spiritual as it gets and to show more of its beauty and magic created the Nature Art collection.

Some people think my designs are just regular photos and when I get asked if they are "real" my answer is both yes and no. Utilizing the digital collage technique in my art gives me almost unlimited freedom to create something new from things that already exist and the final result is always so much more than the sum of its parts.

The Tree design started as an idea in my head of a magnificent tree deep in a jungle, growing tall with strong roots and branches, surrounded by flowing water and bathed in light. So I went on a search expedition to find some photos I could use as starting points to manifest my vision. To find right base images I use variety of professional online resources and some of the photos I take myself.

After collecting about 40 photographs with some good potential I opened my laptop and started cutting, cropping, blending and shaping different parts and details and so the Tree started coming to life. Meticulous stitching and blending of even the smallest details is a tedious process but it pays off in the final composition looking solid and unified and a week or so later and after many iterations the piece was done. I am always amazed how the final version is so much better than what I could imagine in the beginning. This particular design is very close to my heart and I call it "My happy Place" and often imagine myself in my meditation sitting under this Tree surrounded by the sound of flowing water.

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