Are you ready to attract more positive energy into your life?

We all CAN live a happy and fulfilling life, abundant and steeped in balance and connection with nature, free from drama and suffering and guided through life's twists by our higher self. Yet we are often held back from living this ideal existence by unconscious thoughts and negative beliefs standing in the way of realizing our true nature! The Manifestation Deck™ is a simple and fun way to help us align with our creative potential and to think more positive thoughts so we may attract into our lives more of what we truly want! The deck brings together sacred geometry, power words, mantras, affirmations, and beautiful images into one package that is easy to follow and accessible for anyone.

These are stunningly beautiful cards. There is such magic behind them. Each time they provide me with a delightful experience. Sometimes I end up with more questions to contemplate, yet it is what I need for that moment each time. ~ Nick W.

The deck contains 60 cards, each with a unique design and a special affirmation. Beautifully printed with vibrant colors and a premium feel, the cards are coated with gold foil to give them a rich texture and a 3D effect!

Check out the deck unboxing video above. The song "I Am What I Am" by Aykanna.

The Manifestation Mandala

The design on the back of the cards features the Manifestation Mandala, a powerful diagram created by Skylove that combines spiritual tools from several traditions to help us tap into our creative potential. The mandala contains the word ABRACADABRA, an Aramaic term meaning "I CREATE AS I SPEAK", written inside of a triangle. Around the triangle written in Sanskrit, is the Gayatri mantra overlying the Sri Yantra. Both are potent spiritual tools from the yoga tradition to purify and enlighten the mind. The I AM statement connects one with the Higher Self and the Creator.

More on the Manifestation Mandala symbols


ABRACADABRA is a power word in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, meaning "I CREATE AS I SPEAK." In ancient times it was used as an incantation to bring greater health and prosperity, and often worn inscribed in an amulet in a triangle form. ABRACADABRA brings one into connection with the power of words and voice to manifest our reality. ABRACADABRA can turbocharge our desires into swift manifestation, if we use our words wisely and speak our truth from a balanced and grounded place!


The Sri Yantra is a mystical diagram used in the Yoga tradition for millenia. It consists of nine interlocking triangles that surround a central point known as the bindu. These triangles relate to the cosmos and the human body and reflect the world on three levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Sri Yantra represents the feminine principle or the Shakti energy which is the source of power and creativity. Focusing on this symbol supports spiritual liberation and can bring one into deeper states of meditation.


The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most highly revered and powerful mantras in the yoga tradition, chanted by devotees for thousands of years. Written here in Sanskrit, it is a universal prayer for invoking Enlightenment. Chanting Gayatri Mantra helps to purify and nourish the mind, dispel darkness and ignorance, and develop a state of pure consciousness where all desires are effortlessly fulfilled, and one attains union with the Divine.


I AM symbolizes the very essence of existence and represents the spiritual identity and the Christ Consciousness of each individual. I AM is a declaration of Self, ever present, never changing. When connecting awareness of I AM with qualities or desires we wish to manifest, we align ourselves with the version of reality that already exists in the matrix of infinite possibility, and thus include it in our experience.

How to use the Deck

Take a moment to center yourself. Take few slow breaths to quiet your mind and prepare yourself to receive your message. You can set a specific intention, ask a question or just be open to receive your guidance. Shuffle and spread the cards and focus for a moment on the Manifestation Mandala on the back of the cards. Realize that what you say will become your reality and pick the card you feel drawn to. Focus on the card and its message and connect with its meaning. Say the affirmation on the card out loud few times and feel the words resonating deeply in your heart! Imagine yourself being in that state already and experiencing your life from that perspective. Connect to your passion, excitement and gratitude for receiving your card. Make it your daily practice, the more you repeat these affirmations the more you will bring yourself into resonance with the positive flow!

Pick a single card for your daily inspiration or go through the whole deck to quickly tune up your vibration! The more you do it the better it will work!

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