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Manifestation Deck

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60 Cards That Can Change Your Life!

The Manifestation Deck™ is a fun and easy way to connect with your creative power and attract more of what you want into your life! The deck brings together sacred geometry, power words, mantras, affirmations and beautiful images into one package that's easy to follow and accessible for anyone!

Each card reveals a special affirmation and a unique design. By focusing on the cards and repeating the affirmations you can train the mind to think more positive thoughts and to release blockages standing in the way of your dreams! 

Featured on the back side of the cards is the Manifestation Mandala, a powerful formula to focus the creative energy. 

The Deck is premium quality, beautifully printed with vibrant colors and coated with gold foil that makes the cards feel great in your hands and shimmer with golden light!

Check out the deck unboxing video below. The song "I Am What I Am" by Aykanna.

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