Nature Art Affiliate Program

Introducing the SkyloveArt Affiliate Program! Do you own a retail place, a studio or a space that's in a high traffic area frequented by customers or clients? You can now decorate your space with stunning art printed on high quality metal for all your customers and clients to see and generate extra income for yourself without any effort at all!

For your art you can choose any one or multiple designs from the Nature Art series. Our art is sublimated on premium quality metal plates, a process that makes the prints durable, lightweight and luminescent in light. They are guaranteed to turn heads and get noticed by your clientele! The prints are easy to buy and affordable too so your interested customers can simply scan a QR code next to each piece with their phone for a one click purchase on our website!

Each QR link is coded with your special affiliate number enabling us to keep track of all your sales. When a purchase is made, we take care of the payment and shipping to the customer and pay you a $100 commission with each sale, guaranteed! Don't delay! Contact us to choose your prints at a super low affiliate price, and let your art start working for you today!

Check out a brief affiliate presentation video above.