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Welcome to SkyloveArt, visionary creations to inspire alignment, awareness and connection! Through uplifting images, timeless symbols and positive messages expressed in our designs we wish to bring a bit more Light and Harmony into this World!

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Manifestation Deck

A set of 60 cards that can help you tap into your creative power and attract more positive energy into your life! The deck brings together sacred geometry, power words, mantras, affirmations and images into one package that is easy to follow and accessible for anyone!

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The Frame

The SkyloveArt Frame is a  device to create beautiful exhibits of animated art flowing in a continuous motion! Loaded with images from the 'Luminescent Series' that shimmer and shine and come to life radiating rich colors and light to enliven any space! 

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SkyloveArt Tapestries

Select designs printed on tapestries! With rich, vibrant colors these silky soft creations look amazing and will brighten up any space indoor or outdoor! 

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Chakra Book

Journey Through the Chakras is an introduction and a guide to energy centers in the body known as Chakras. Beautifully illustrated, with additional meditations, affirmations, poetry and special yoga poses, this book makes a great tool to learn all about the chakras! 

Journey through the Chakras

Chakra Banners

Chakras are vortices of spinning energy located in our etheric body. SkyloveArt chakra series was designed to help open and balance the chakras by combining timeless symbols, images and sacred geometry. Now available printed on beautiful banners that are durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use!

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Chakra Butterfly

Chakra Butterfly

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Peace Buddha

Peace Buddha

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From our customers

  • Great quality cloth!

    My art-piece arrived today and - I love it! I was a little concerned because I'd not seen these prints in person. But I can tell that it great quality cloth/material and great printing quality too. Plus great art, of course. :)Thank you so much, I love it! ~ Preston K

  • Rich colors with a keen spiritual resonance!

    I have mine in a window and do not see any fading! Light weight, yet perfect for bringing light and color into a space, as it filters the sun from the west at sundown PERFECTLY <3 I AM Very happy with all of the products I've purchased. ~ Ana B 

  • Great quality!

    I purchased a set of 4 based just on my love of Sky’s art, I had no idea they would be of such great quality. The colors are stunning and they are built to last. They magically (right?) fit my windows of the yoga studio perfectly and gave me an instant energy and design upgrade. I’m very happy with with my purchase! ~ David S