Out of the heart into the world! How creativity is born!

Out of the heart into the world! How creativity is born!

Picking up my new design Gayatri Mantra at the printer in Ubud Bali

I am always amazed at the process of creation of a new design. How it begins at first with a whisper of an idea, a subtle inspiration and like a seed sprouting somewhere deep within my soul it begins to grow. At first I may not even notice it much among other things occupying my mind but with time the seed grows deeper roots and like a blossoming flower suddenly springs up at the front door of my conscious mind and it wants me to look at it! It's like a beautiful present that gets delivered to my door when it happens, as it really doesn't happen too often, sometimes months go by without any artistic inspirations. I say to it, I commit, I want to give you birth and bring you into the world, or into a computer in my case! I sit down, gather my tools, clean my desk and soon I loose myself to the world outside and dive into this bubble of creativity bringing the concept our of my head into a tangible, visible form.

It's a beautiful feeling to be a witness to this process when I realize it's not really ME creating anything, but rather this creation is moving through me and I become a conduit for some higher power that wants to express itself through me in this design. The more I am able to surrender to the process, the more blissful I become, the more altered, "high" and intoxicated where I can forget the world outside, don't need to sleep, don't need to eat and nothing else matters only that I continue creating my piece. It can be a double edged sword sometimes where it may become hard to for me to know when to take a break, to take care of my other needs and sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. I learned it is healthy to take breaks, to rest and when I come back to my project with fresh eyes I can see it from a different angle and take it to the next level.

There comes a time when I realize, "it is done", nothing else can be added to my piece, it's perfect! Then I often just sit there for a long time and stare at the screen at my new creation and receive it's meaning of what this piece represents and the many levels how it speaks to me. I see my creation as a miracle that wasn't here a short while ago and now it is! Where did it come from? It's always a mystery to me. The next part I can't wait for in my creation process is to take my new design to the printer and print it for the first time on fabric making it into a new banner or a new tapestry so I can actually touch it, feel it and smell it too! Then my creation becomes more real, takes on a new meaning, it is ready to be shared with the world, to inspire, to open minds to a higher possibility! 

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