Art for the people!

The most fulfilling thing about being an artist is to see how your creation is affecting people. Often when I setup my banners at a new venue or event I like to stand on the sidelines and watch the interactions people are having with my art. Some seem to be really affected, spending time with each piece, studying the design, learning the message and making a personal connection. Some like to take pictures and some walk by without ever noticing something on the wall. That's okay too. I realize in those moments what humbling experience it is to have an opportunity to serve my creation for others enjoyment. Putting a piece of my soul on display, I feel like a proud papa showing off my children.

I used to be shy, concerned what the response will be, will people like my designs, maybe they're too big or too loud and I never used to let people know that I was the artist. Then I realized that this was just a trip of my ego, deflated and wanting to keep things small, not show myself or stand out from the crowd too much. Now I  understand the value and the blessing of being able to create my art and to find a stage where I can show it. I am amazed at the process of how creative process works, from the first moment of inspiration and a new idea birthing to make something that I never done before, through many stages and countless hours of design and production until each piece is finished, to the final stage when I am up on a ladder taping my banners to the wall and putting the lights around them! Each time I am bubbling with excitement like a little kid that gets to show off his new toy!




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