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Peace Buddha

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Buddha is an enlightened master. He is teaching us to live a life of balance and compassion. Buddha shows us how to transcend limiting beliefs and find our true essence. In this image Buddha's hand is in Aakash Mudra reuniting us with the higher consciousness and helping to develop noble thoughts and beliefs! Around Buddha's head, written in Sanskrit, is Gayatri Mantra, one of the oldest and most powerful prayers that illuminates the mind to reach a state of enlightenment. Out of Buddha's heart is emerging the Flower of Life, a sacred geometry pattern representing the birth of new paradigm. A white dove rising out of the Flower of Life symbolizes peace and forgiveness and the awakening of the Divine Feminine in the World. 

This tapestry is available in two sizes, Large 140cm x 214cm (55in x 85in) and Small 91cm x 140cm (35in x 55in). Our tapestries are printed on luxurious and silky smooth satin fabric. They shimmer slightly in light depending on your angle of view, they are durable and washable with non-fading colors and can be placed inside or outside!

Check out the Peace Buddha tapestry in my Bali garder!