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The Frame

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To purchase the Frame there are 2 options!

Option 1, if you have a display already or will get one on your own! The screen must have a HDMI connection and we highly recommend a 4K screen resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio. Any smaller resolution may render the art grainy and blurry **

Option 2 includes top of the line 43", 4K display*, a stand for your screen, and the Frame with preloaded art. Choose this option for a hassle free combo package delivered to your home that is guaranteed to work well and look amazing! 

* Please note the display you will receive with Option 2 is a brand new 4K Smart TV that must be turned 90 ° to Portrait orientation. The brand of the display will depend on current availability. 

 Option 1

1. The Frame controller with remote
2. Preloaded Art 


Price $375 USD

** If you're supplying your own screen, the best viewing is achieved on a 4K screen resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio 


Option 2

 1. High quality 43" 4K display *
2. Stand for the display
3. The Frame controller with remote
4. Preloaded Art

Price $750 USD

Option 2 is available for customers in US and Canada only.