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Chakra Butterfly

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Chakra Butterfly tapestry is rich with color and vibrant and engaging energy! A butterfly is a symbol for transformation and this piece is inspiring us to awaken from our sleep, open our eyes and spread our wings! By focusing on the symbols of the chakras we can experience more balance in our life.

This tapestry is available in two sizes, Large 140cm x 214cm (55in x 85in) and Small 91cm x 140cm (35in x 55in). Our tapestries are printed on luxurious silky smooth satin fabric. They even shimmer slightly depending on your angle of view! They are durable and washable with non-fading colors and can be placed inside or outside!

Chakras are vortices of spinning energy located in our etheric body on the mid-line of the spine. This energy is known as prana, chi, life force or vital energy. There are seven primary chakras that govern various functions and keep spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of our being in balance. Each chakra has a different purpose, symbol, color, element and sound. When chakras are open, clear and balanced, we experience a state of well-being throughout our life. The eBook is included for free with the purchase of this tapestry. Instant download link at checkout.

To learn about the chakras, check out the "Journey Through the Chakras" ebook