Manifestation Mandala

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Manifestation Mandala combines ancient spiritual knowledge, sacred geometry, power words and mantras to put us in touch with our creative potential. In this design the word ABRACADABRA, an Aramaic term meaning I CREATE AS I SPEAK, is written in an ancient, magical formula in a triangle pointing down. The power of the triangle distills the essence of our words from the Infinite and focuses it in the physical reality so we can manifest what we want easily! Placed around the triangle is Gayatri Mantra written in Sanskrit, one of the oldest and most powerful prayers to illuminate the mind into enlightenment. Underneath is Sri Yantra, ancient sacred geometry pattern used to accelerate spiritual growth and help manifest our desires. I AM statement connects one with the Higher Self and the creative potential! One great use of this manala is to speak into it aloud that which you wish to manifest in your life! Speak it and feel it as if it's already here... I am Happy, I am in Perfect Health, I am Abundant.. ect. 

This image is available as a tapestry in two sizes, Large 140cm wide x 214cm tall (55in x 85in) and Small 91cm x 140cm (35in x 55in). Our tapestries are printed on luxurious, soft and smooth to touch silky polyester satin, they can go inside or outside, colors are non-fading and they are durable and washable too!