Swadhisthana - the Sacral Chakra

Whenever you feel stuck or disinterested in life, focusing on Swadhisthana can help release resistance and open one a greater flow of creativity, joy and passion!
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"Swadhisthana is the 2nd chakra. It is located in the lower abdomen and genitals area. It is the center of desire, sexuality, pleasure and procreation. When this chakra is open and balanced our sexual vitality, stamina and creative drive increase and our intuition is heightened. When out of balance we can get excessively emotional and sexual and our creative drive can get blocked. You can use art and color to balance this chakra. Simply focus on the chakra symbol and imagine yourself submerged in flowing water. See color orange filling the area of this chakra. Chant the sound VAM, which is the seed sound for this chakra and give yourself permission to go without fear with the flow of life."

Excerpted from Skylove's "Journey through the Chakras" book.

Swadishtana chakra design is available as a tapestry, custom printed for you in Bali. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Available in 140cm x 214cm size. Other sizes are available upon request. Please contact uswith any questions.