Chakra Butterfly Single Large Banner

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Chakras are vortices of spinning energy located in our etheric body on the mid-line of the spine. This energy is known as prana, chi, life force or vital energy. There are seven primary chakras that govern various functions and keep spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of our being in balance. Each chakra has a different purpose, symbol, color, element and sound. When chakras are open, clear and balanced, we experience a state of well-being throughout our life. In this image the symbol of the butterfly evokes a sense of transformation, grace and beauty. This image inspires us to open our eyes and awaken from our sleep, so we can experience the magic of life and discover true nature of existence! It is time to remember who we are, to activate and balance all levels of our existence! 

This image is available as a single large, festival size banner in size 3m tall (118in) x 1m (40in) wide printed on luxurious, soft and smooth to touch silky polyester satin. It can go inside or outside, colors are non-fading and is durable and washable too!