Sound Healing



What people are saying about Skylove’s sound healing:

“Sky, thank you for the profound healing…days later it seems to be reverberating in my body still…a gong of ancient times traveling up through my feet, harmony of bowls singing at my crown, rain stick echoing distant dreams of monsoons, didgeridoo awakening and recalling a place I know deeply in peaceful remembrance, and of course, the loving and grounded space you held for me throughout. Blessings” ~ Joia


“Having a sound activation with Skylove was truly amazing.  I felt my body come alive after living with chronic fatigue for many years.  Days later at a dance, I felt the vibration of the music in my cells. They were continuing to awaken to a higher vibration and  I feel shifted towards embodying more Divine Love.  The day after our session, I experienced a healing reaction.  I know my cells were releasing the old that no longer served me.  Thank you Sky, I feel lighter and freer:)”    ~ Rosie Quigley

Hi Sky! Thank you so much once more for the healing session. It was such a thing to feel and experience and I am sure it is a life changing one. What you don’t know is that I had a bladder infection at the time of the session (got it in Bali out of the blue) that got immediately cured with it. I only had a warm sensation in my body there for a while after. Just yesterday during the last day of my stay I got a quick flu with upset stomach, a bit of fever and lots of pain in my body. Anyway, now back home and feeling better already. What I feel is that this might be some body adjustment following my healing time in Bali. Feels my body gets rid of something. Even though with some physical discomfort,when I close my eyes, I feel my body intergral and still flowing the sound energy. My soul feels peace and comfort. Did some simple things in a different (better) way and was suprised with myself. Stress stays away from me – lost credit card or big traffic on the way to the airport were not able to touch and disturb me.  Hope to keep and project this throughout my life.”  ~ VM