Classes, concerts & events

Here is a list of Skyloves’s current classes, concerts and events. Since November last year he’s been on a World Tour first spending 3 months in Bali and currently living in Koh Phangan, a small paradise island in Thailand where he is playing around doing sound journeys and giving private sound healing sessions. He is going to Berlin in June and co-leading a retreat in Corfu, Greece in June. He will be back in Bali to do a retreat again with Kaypacha in November!


  • Gong bath & Sound Journey
    mmWhen: Fridays @ 8 pm

    Where: Orion Healing Center, Srithanu, Koh Phangan

    Cost: 150 bht


    Join us for an entrancing sound journey to help you relax, re-calibrate and go deep into your heart as you are bathed in a full spectrum of sound washing over your body and mind! From deeply resonant didgeridoo and clearing gong to activating crystal bowls and purifying mantras, the sound will act as a powerful medium to help clear blockages and stagnant energy and balance your system for greater health and vitality. You will be transported to another place outside of your everyday mind and feel the difference on the physical level with instruments tuned in a natural Earth tuning of 432Hz to reset your whole being to it’s original blueprint!



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  • Mantra Meditation & Vibrational Tuneup
    aaWhen: Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm

    Where:  Gaia Yogashala, Srithanu, Koh Phangan

    Cost: 150 b


    Consider this class a vibrational tuneup! In the first half we will be chanting a powerful mantra to tune our mind to the frequency of wellbeing. We will sing a powerful message to the Universe and align with the Source. Don’t worry you wont have to learn lines of complicated Sanskrit and you probably know this mantra already, you just need to use it! In the second part Skylove will put his crystal bowls to work to take you on a deep sound journey and envelop you in a shower of pure crystal sound harmonics tuned to 432Hz. The sound will breakup congestion in your field and harmonize your being on all different levels for the new energy to start flowing in!

  •             Retreat in Greece in June with Anjuna and Skylove!

    You are Light, You are Wonder!
    Soul Flow Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Energy Work and Sound Healing

    Agina, Greece  June 11 – 18 2016


    wwOpen your heart and let your the lightness of your being shine through! I invite on a spiritual journey to Greece on the island of Aegina, near Athens, to a beautiful oceanfront Villa “Okia Karapanou”. In this magical place full of palm trees, an olive grove and a magical garden we will practice yoga and mediation overlooking the sea and palm trees! A perfect place to play, recharge, and reconnect with your soul!

    Announcing a Special Guest!! SOUND HEALER SKYLOVE SOLEI from Hawaii! He will support us with his wonderful healing sounds of Crystal Bowls, didgeridoos, Gong, chakra activating art and much more!
    During your free time you will be resting and recharging! We will be playing on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear water! Our villa is right on the sea! Walking in the palm garden or chilling out on the beautiful veranda of the villa! The fishing village is also quite lovely. We will do excursions around the island to visit a lot of beautiful churches, temples, sacred places, and olive tree landscapes.
  • Retreat in Bali in November 2016 with Kaypacha and Skylove!

    Healing the Shadow: Embracing the Dragon

    Ubud, Bali November 4-10, 2016


    kaypacha-skyThe astrology of 2016 tells us that this is a year of purification and healing.  The true path of healing involves each of us owning and loving ourselves wholly and completely.  This healing will undoubtedly lead us into direct confrontation with the rejected, shadow elements within our own psyches that have been inhibiting that processIf we truly wish to open our hearts and bring peace and love to the world, we must first address, own, and integrate these suppressed truths about ourselves that are the root cause of self (and others) condemnation, guilt, shame, and blame.


    This workshop is timed with a Sun, Mercury, Lilith conjunction in Scorpio while Neptune conjuncts the south node of the Moon.  These aspects fully support the investigation of our deepest fears, fantasies, and desires that can lead to a fuller self-acceptance and a return to power that humanity is now on the verge of recovering.  We must acknowledge and embrace, in order to forgive and reclaim these lost elements of our total self before claiming the “prize” of deep, intimate, powerful, love in our lives.



    20150318_201154_LLSThroughout the discourses Skylove will be creating a relaxing atmosphere with sound meditations and soothing sound interludes to take participants into non-verbal, no mind space to facilitate deep rest and a quick recharge that will help with better assimilation of information and the energy. He’s also available for private sound healing and sound activation sessions, hands on body work and therapeutic partner yoga sessions.


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