Manifestation Mandala

manifestation-mandala-11-2014Human voice is a very powerful creative force. Words are carriers of consciousness and when spoken with pure intention, they bring about speedy manifestation of our desires.


Manifestation Mandala is a meditation and creation tool.  It combines powerful spiritual technology, sacred geometry, power words and Mantras to put you in touch with your own inherent creative potential. It features the word ABRACADABRA, an Aramaic term meaning I CREATE AS I SPEAK, written in an ancient, creative formula in a triangle pointing down. Around it written in Sanskrit is Gayatri mantra overlying Sri Yantra. Both potent creative, spiritual tools of the Hindu and Yoga traditions. I AM statement connects one with the Higher Self and the Creator within.


The Mandala works as a reminder of our own inherent creative power. To use this image as support in manifesting the life you want formulate an intention of what you would like with a feeling of gratitude as if it‘s already happening. For example, “ABRACADABRA, my body is healthy and strong” or “ABRACADABRA, I AM receiving increased financial abundance”.  Choose only empowering and positive things and see your desire clearly in your mind's eye and feel grateful and passionate about it coming your way!


Focus on the mandala for a few minutes and speak your intention aloud with a clear and confident voice. Finally, let go of your intention and let the Universe bring it to you in most harmonious way.



At this time this image is only available as a giclee print on canvas in size 24"x30" in continental US only.


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