Manifestation Deck

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50 cards that can change your life!


The Manifestation Deck is a fun game that can be used to help you align with your dreams and desires. It combines powerful spiritual technology, sacred geometry, power words, Mantras and affirmations to put you in touch with your own inherent creative potential. Each card has it’s own unique design and a positive affirmation.


The back design features the Manifestation Mandala and the word ABRACADABRA, an Aramaic term meaning I CREATE AS I SPEAK. It is written in an ancient formula in a triangle pointing down. Around it written in Sanskrit is Gayatri mantra overlying Sri Yantra. Both potent manifestation tools of the Hindu and Yoga traditions. I AM statement connects one with the Higher Self and the Creator.


To use this deck pick a card and focus on the affirmation there for several minutes. Feel gratitude and passion as if this statement is already present in your life. The more you can feel it, the better! Turn the card over, focus on the black triangle and repeat aloud the word ABRACADABRA with your affirmation few times. Use the deck in your own meditation or play the Manifestation Game with your friends taking turns and supporting each other manifesting your dreams and well-being on all levels!


At this time Manifestation Deck is out of stock. You can enjoy it online and play the Manifestation Game here: Click here to play the Manifestation Game






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