Skylove at Bhakti Fest 2015

I was invited to participate in last year’s Bhakti Fest, the biggest spiritual, yoga and kirtan festival in the US, drawings thousands of yogis, dancers and devotees each year to Joshua Tree in CA.

photos credit Owl

I was sharing there my sound on the main stage and also was asked to create 14 large size banners with my art to be placed around the venue and as decoration for the 2nd stage, Hanuman stage during the festival.

IMG_1901 IMG_1897

IMG_1894 IMG_1861
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The Hanuman Stage was adorned my with my 7 Chakra images! They looked fantastic and were really well received! I was also playing daily on the main stage filling the space with my sound for 15-20 minutes between sets of people like Girish and Krishna Das and others. It was challenging to setup all my crystal bowls, didgeridoo and gong and get miked up to play for the audience as technicians were scurrying around shuffling microphones for the next band coming up! Being in front of thousands of people was my first and truly amazing experience that cured me completely of stage fright!


 Here are some of the banners I created for Bhakti Fest last year.