Namaste and welcome to SkyloveArt, an online oasis to feed your
senses, attune your vibration and awake your creativity!


My name is Skylove and I created this website as an outlet for two of my creative expressions I am deeply passionate about, Sound and Art. Everything that exists IS vibration of energy. The colors we see and the sounds we receive are vibrating energy that can affect our mood and a sense of well-being. My Mission and my Joy is to bring more beautiful, harmonious and healing energy into the world through healing sound and spiritual art

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Attune your vibrations with positive affirmations!
Play the Manifestation Game!



Here is easy and fun way to align with positive flow and lift your vibration! This is an online version of the Manifestation Deck I created. With this fun game you will infuse your mind with positive affirmations and sacred geometry to help you tap into creative flow and well-being. Go through the whole deck or just pick a daily card and hold it in your mind throughout your day.


Click here to play the Manifestation Game

SkyLoveArt at Bhakti Fest!


I was asked to play my sound and create some decorations for last years Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, CA, the biggest yoga and kirtan festival in the US! Here are some of the banners I conjured for the occasion. They were printed as large size banners and decorated the venue in various locations as well as the 2nd stage. Learn more about my Bhakti Fest experience here!




Brighten up your day with newly updated Chakra images!




Chakras are vortices of spinning energy located in our etheric body on the mid-line of the spine. This energy is known as prana, chi, life force or vital energy. These images were created to open and balance the chakras by combining specific symbols, colors and sacred geometry that go deep into the subconscious mind. Visit Chakra Designs page.



Coming in November 2016 a retreat in Bali with Kaypacha and SkyLove!


kaypacha-skyCome to magical Bali and learn how to use astrology, yoga, and breathwork to create a powerful container for personal, alchemical transformation to occur. Throughout the discourses Skylove will be creating a relaxing atmosphere with sound meditations and soothing sound interludes to take participants into non-verbal, no mind space to facilitate deep rest and a quick recharge that will help with better assimilation of information and the energy. Learn more on the Events page.

Journey through the Chakras eBook is here!


Journey through the Chakras is an introduction and a guide to energy centers in the human body known as Chakras. Beautifully illustrated with clear and simple explanations of each chakra’s properties and functions this book is a meditation tool which can be used to awaken and balance your chakras! Download 1st chapter for free [pdf] and learn all about the Root Chakra or click here for more info!